Frequently Asked Questions

These questions have been personally answered by your very own K9 Oral hygiene specialist, Sabina Gordon.


How do you hold a dog still enough while keeping it calm during the teeth cleaning procedure?

I have been extensively trained to work with the behaviours and energies in all breeds that allow me to connect with your dog and understand their individual needs. At the beginning of the procedure I place the dog comfortably in my lap facing me where I perform various calming techniques and holds to maintain comfort and control throughout the cleaning. I am constantly attentive to the dog’s needs throughout the cleaning and my abilities to adjust and sense the dog’s needs allows for a very positive calm procedure.


Won’t my dog panic when they hear the Ultrasonic scaler or feel the tools in their mouth?

Absolutely not. At the beginning of the procedure I work one on one with your dog to gain their trust. Before tools are introduced to their mouths I turn on my scaler and allow the dogs curiosity to explore. Of course they are interested in the sound and water that mists out of the tip so I turn it on to allow them to sniff and adjust to the unfamiliar object. Once the anticipation is eased through the realization that they are not being harmed, virtually every dog allows the cleaning to continue effortlessly.


What happens when you encounter a dog that is overly fearful or aggressive?

I can usually tell within the first few minutes of the consultation whether your pet’s temperament will allow for a cleaning. In almost all cases, I am able to calm fearful dogs with my gentle touch and calm energy. If your pet demonstrates highly aggressive behavior, it may not be a candidate for anesthetic-free cleanings.


How does an Anesthetic-free teeth cleaning procedure differ from a dental cleaning at my Veterinarians?

Diagnosis as well as the treatment of disease, infection, and medical issues found in the mouth will be referred to a Veterinarian where proper medical treatment can take place. The services provided by Royal K9 Smiles are ultrasonic scaling and polishing on all surfaces of the teeth ABOVE the gum line without the use of anesthetic or sedation. What this means is, my candidates are dogs who show no sign of medical distress in the mouth – just the issue of moderate/heavy calculus build up that requires removal to prevent disease and the dreaded “doggy breath”.


Are elderly dogs or dogs with health issues candidates for Anesthetic-free teeth cleaning?

Yes! As long as there are no serious problems in your dog’s mouth that would inhibit from doing the cleaning. Sedation-free cleaning is a wonderful alternative for older pets, or ones with heart, kidney, liver or respiratory issues who cannot be subjected to general anesthesia.